Lucas after three years.

Sprite de Lucas Mother 3

Lucas in the beginning of Mother 3.

Lucas, the son of Hinawa and Flint, twin brother of Claus is one of the main characters in Mother 3. He is the softer twin, as his brother Claus is much more daring and wild. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, blue shorts and a red and yellow striped T-shirt.

Lucas has the ability to use PSI and has the ability to pull the Seven Needles to wake the Dragon.

His PersonalityEdit

Lucas' personality consists of him being shy, soft and quiet during the beginning of the game. He is very gentle and emotional as well. A combination of this is shown during Hinawa's Funeral, it seems he is the only one most torn about it. He goes on crying day and night.

Three years later, Lucas has grown up and become tougher. This is where he becomes determined to find his brother and avenge his mom.

Later In The GameEdit

Later on in Mother 3, Lucas leaves Flint's house by Chapter Three and is willing to stand up and face the world. By the end of this chapter, Lucas comes to the rescue with a Drago to save Salsa, Kumatora and Wess. In this case, Lucas wins.

By chapter four, Lucas becomes the main character and begins building his party to go on a search for his missing twin brother.