"You aren't Porky's robot. You're our son. Claus. Come to my arms. You must be exhausted." — Hinawa

Hinawa made her appearance in the beginning of Mother 3. She is the mother of the twins Lucas and Claus, wife of Flint and daughter of Alec. Just like the rest of her family, she comes from Tazmily Village. She is loved by many characters, which is shown later in Chapter One.

Later in Chapter One, Lucas, Claus and Hinawa make their way home from the mountains, just after visiting her father Alec. It is noticed later that the three are missing shortly after the forest was set on fire by Pigmask Soldiers. Shortly after the fire, a heavy storm comes down. The search party finds the twin brothers washed up, but without Hinawa. It isn't long after that that Bronson comes to Flint with the bad news.

Hinawa's sprite.

Hinawa had been killed in a fight with a Drago. It's fang was found stuck in her heart.

She makes brief appearances in the later chapters. Examples being that in Chapter Five, while Lucas is dreaming, he sees her spirit in a large field of sunflowers. Lucas begins chasing Hinawa but loses her again. Another example is in Chapter Eight where near the end of the fight with the Masked Man, she begins talking to Lucas and explaining to the Masked Man that he is not a robot, but he is her son and demands they stop fighting.